I almost missed my own anniversary. I started this blog six years ago today. At the time I thought I might run out of ideas after a few months but that hasn’t happened.

On the average. I only have posted a couple of messages a week.  The blog website gets an average of only 30 visits a day. Some of those people are looking at old messages. There was one day in March that the Democrat & Chronicle mentioned the blog and that day there were 167 visits.

I try to put as much local genealogical information as I can find. I will continue posting the “old news” articles. Some of those are major local events and some are just minor news stories. All give the feeling of the past times. I also like adding the top music from 50 years ago. I get to relive some of the great songs of the sixties and I hope you remember most of those old songs. Besides that I can’t speculate. You just never know what is coming.


  1. Congrats on keeping your blog going. I really enjoy it! Never know what I might learn from you.

  2. Congrats Dick. I read all your posts and always learn something. Thanks for sharing as you too learn.

  3. Thank you for taking the time and effort to show us all of the interesting topics you have displayed. It’s not easy to have a new one every day. I wish you at least another 6 years and much more
    Thanks again

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