Geneatopia is an audio webcast by Patty Roy. Patty posts a new episode about once a week where she reads the genealogy news of the week. A lot of the articles are press releases from all kinds ogfgenealogy websites (both free and paid). Seeing as the amount of news changes from week to week, an episode can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Patty makes it easy to hear her webcast. You can listen on her website. I noticed on the episode page (below) that there should be a play button on the audio bar but it is missing. You can still press where it should be (see red arrow below) and it will play on the episode page. You can also click “Play in new window” or “Download. ” The webcast is an MP3 file that can be played in most any web browser or audio program.

Patty also makes each episode available on iTunes and you can subscribe via a RSS feed. Another source is one of that I haven’t ever heard of, called Stitcher. No matter which method you use, give Patty a listen and I think you will also ended up listening to each new episode like I do.