Old News – Upcoming Events (1914)

More news from the past. This time are a couple of events coming up within the next week.< One is at Exposition Park which is now Edgerton Park./p>


Friday, June 19, 1914

Red Eagles Carnival at Exposition Park Next Week

expo-park-1914-6The Greater Sheesley Shows furnish the attraction for the Red Eagles Carnival at Exposition Pakr all next week. These shows include fifteen high-class attractions, two novel rides, four free acts, daily aeroplane flights, high wire performances, fireworks every evening and band concerts.

The aeroplane flights will be made by William A. Hetlich, who recently came out of a hospital at Bluefield, Va., where he had suffered from injuries received in a fall.

“The Dip of Death” is declared to be a thriller. This is a motor-drome built forty laps to the mile. Around this track, the sides of which are perpendicular, “Crazy” Hartley dashes at a speed of a mile a minute.

“Happy Jack” Eckert, said to be the largest human being in the world is one of the attractions. He weighs 739 pounds, according to the press agent.

Among the animal acts will be a troupe of trained horses. There will also be a minstrel show with a score of singers and comedians. Professor Tony Nicerotiose and his band will give concerts every afternoon at 2 o’clock and each evening at 7 o’clock.

St. Boniface

The pupils of our school are now making final preparations for the entertainment and closing exercises to take place on next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, June 23rd and 24th. The painting of the special scenery is now completed and from present indications a most successful entertainment is to be given. Some interesting musical numbers will also be on the program for both evenings. The curtain will be raised at 8:15 sharp and it is ernestly requested that all be seated at this appointed time. Reserve seats can be secured from the Sisters at the Convent.