I Hate Spam

spamThis is just a rant, because as the subject says “I Hate Spam.” In part, because I have a website and this blog, I get lots of spam mail every day. I know that my ISP (Frontier) deletes some before I ever get my mail. Then I have my email set up so that most spam messages end up in the spam folder but I still have to delete those every day. Look at some of the spam I get. It appears that some are in Chinese. Seeing as I don’t know any oriental languages, I delete those right away.

Then there are those spam that pretend to be from other companies than they really are. One of the important things to think about is if some company is sending you a message and you don’t have a relationship with that company; don’t open it. There has been some emails being sent in the last year that if you click on an attachment it will encrypt the files on your computer and then you have to pay a ransom to get your computer unlocked.

One of those spam messages I have in this list even pretends to be from the IRS. They and other government agencies would NEVER send you an email. Especially about giving you some money.

They say that there isn’t any way to stop spam. Having an ant-virus program and keeping it up to date will help. The best advice is to be careful and make sure that a message is from someone you know.

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  1. I don’t have the website that you have, but for the snail mail garbage that I get, I simply return the envelopes empty or fill them with the garbage they send that doesn’t have my identity on it. They are paying for the garbage to return. Makes me feel good that I have acknowledged them.

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