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A_Hard_Days_night_movieposterI’m a day late! Fifty years and a day ago (July 6, 1964) the Beatles film, A Hard Day’s Night was released. It was made in a hurry with production beginning on March 2nd and ending on April 23rd. That is because the production company (United Artists) weren’t sure that the Beatles would still be popular by the end of 1964.

The film  has the Beatles on a train trip to a concert often being perused by screaming girls. In fact, in one of the first scenes George falls down on a sidewalk and is barely able to get up in time before teenagers catch up to him. George Harrison met his wife-to-be, Patricia Boyd, on the set when she made a brief appearance as one of the schoolgirls on the train. Ringo also decides to take a walk and the others have to find him before the concert.

The film was written by Alun Owen who spent some time with the group before filming to get a feel for the guys in the group. The dialog is so good that you would think that it was all ad-lib.

Some say that the style of the film would spawn future music videos and also the TV series The Monkees. There is no doubt about the Monkees whose producer admits he copied the style. There had been music videos around since the 1940s, sometimes as shorts in theaters and also on a machine that would show music films for pay.

The film also had 6 new songs by the Beatles. A soundtrack album was released in conjunction with the film and became one of the best selling album of 1964.

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    Thank you for this. In so many ways it feels like yesterday. It feels really good to listen to the music and read what you wrote.

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