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The online family database FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT) added record hints about a month ago but I only recently began seeing the hints for members of my family. The record below is for my granduncle, Milo Halsey. He was born in Steuben County, NY but moved to Wisconsin before 1900. I already had six sources attached to him in FSFT but the program found three more that I forgot to add. Those are in the box to the right of his data page (click for a larger view of the graphic).


When I clicked on the hint for the 1920 US census it opened the web page to attach the record to Milo’s record (below). Then after I add the source to Milo I can also attach that census record to the rest of his family. I wrote about adding sources for the whole family in FSFT in this post on the blog.


FamilySearch is making it easy to find and add new sources to their gigantic tree database. It is great to have many sources that prove the data that I added to FSFT are correct. In some cases it finds new sources that I haven’t seen before. As I have said before, FSFT will be around long after commercial websites have disappeared so it will benefit those doing genealogical research in the future.


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