Valley View Cemetery, Rush, NY

graveyardBack in August of last year i wrote this blog post about Valley View Cemetery in Rush. That cemetery was used by the School of Industry which was a school for delinquent boys. Yesterday, the Democrat and Chronicle ran a long story titled “Neglected in life, abandoned in death” by David Andreatta that gives a lot of detail about the cemetery. Best of all, for the first time, David gives the names of all the boys and as much information on them as he could find.

The information that I got about the cemetery came from someone at the school that had facts about the cemetery. She led me to believe that the cemetery was behind the barbed wire fence. It is not She also told me that there were 13 burials. There are 14. I also stated that the earliest burial was 1903 when in fact the the first burial is dated 1909.

The State sold the land including the cemetery in 1993 and stopped maintaining it. I would think that the State should still be responsible for the maintenance of this little cemetery.

The boys buried in the cemetery are: Samuel Broughton (1916 – 1933), Verne Cardinal (1908 – 1924), Vincent Celano (1911 – 1927), Wesley Brummagyn (1910 – 1926), Lawrence Chenofsky (1906 – 1923), Julius Crawford (1910 – 1926), Richard Dawley (1926 – 1940), Wesley Ball ( 1895 – 1909), William Mason (1896 – 1915), Steven Metski (1909 – 1926), Frank Smith (1913 – 1930) Oliver Watson (1916 – 1930), Earl Wessing ( 1902 – 1919) and Norman Young (1905 – 1919) who the D&C reporter thinks may be actually named Forrest Warner Young.