Old News – Tidbits from Brockport

Here is some more news from the past. This time some small items from Brockport, NY.


Thursday, July 16, 1914



Look out for pickpockets who have been operating extensively of late on the trolleys between Rochester and Ontario Beach Park.

From June 25th to August 9th the labor laws of the state will allow women in the canning factories to work 66 hours a week instead of 54. This schedule will be allowed up to Oct 10th if a special permit is obtained.

ad-1914-07-16The ladies of the Woman’s Relief Corps are to be entertained at a Thimble Party at the home of Mrs. Freida Buhl on Spring street Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Buhl expect to remove to Branchford, Canada in the near future.

The Eastern Star picnic for the 34th District will be held at Olcott Beach Wednesday, July 29.

The Active and Dye Hose companies of Albion are planning a carnival to be held the week of July 27 for the benefit of the fire truck.

Batavia is paying the highest tax rate in its history, $18.65 per $1000.

The B. L. & R. road are to put freight package service between Rochester and Buffalo beginning the 1st of August.

Physicians and druggists must now use blanks furnished by the state for prescriptions of habit forming drugs.

The latest pension bill, if it passes will give $20 a month to all soldiers’ widows.

Fifteen counties of the state have now been placed under quarantine by the department of agriculture in the attempt to check the spread of rabies.


Moved by Mr. Gordon that the following ordinance be adopted:

Sec. i. No person shall drive or operate any motorcycle, automobile or other motor vehicle within the limits of the Village of Brockport unless the muffler, so called, shall be securely closed so as to prevent unnecessary noise from the exhaust from the engine of said vehicle.

Sec. 2. Who ever shall violate any provision of this ordnance shall for each offense forfeit and pay the sum of Ten Dollars for the use of said Village.