WDYTYA – Returns

WDYTYA-bannerThe genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? returns for a new season tomorrow (July 23rd) on the TLC channel. The person discovering their ancestry in this new episode is Cynthia Nixon, known primarily as Miranda Hobbes on the show “Sex and the City.” Cynthia discovers a mystery of deceit and murder that involves her great-great-great grandmother. Previews show scenes filmed in a Missouri prison. This episode airs at 9 p.n. in eastern and western time zones.

If you missed last season’s episodes or want to watch them again, they start at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. Then at 8 p.m. TLC is airing the very first WDYTYA episode featuring Sarah Jessica Park from 2010 that originally aired on NBC. My TV guide also shows that at 10 p.m. TLC will show the episode with Matthew Broderick. That episode is also from 2010 and originality aired on NBC.

All together you can see 10 hours of WDYTYA tomorrow.

Click here to see the preview for Wednesday’s episode featuring Cynthia Nixon