1964 Rochester Riot

1965-eiotWe are approaching an anniversary of a sad occasion in Rochester history. On Friday, July 24, 1964 it began when police arrested a 19 year-old intoxicated black man at a block party. When rumors of police brutality began to spread, an angry crowd formed on Joseph Avenue and became violent.It wasn’t until the 26th that peace was restored. In all four were dead (three in a helicopter crash) and 350 injured. Almost a thousand people were arrested and 204 stores were either looted or damaged.

I have no first hand knowledge of the riot as I didn’t move to Rochester until about 10 years later. I have been watching a few features that have been on local TV already. There will be more features over the next few days. They deal not only with the cause of the riot but how far we have come and what still needs to be done in the future to make conditions equal for everyone.