My Woodstock Story



Forty-five years ago this weekend (Aug 15-17) was the original Woodstock music festival. I was supposed to graduate from Alfred State College in May of 1969 but my cumulative average was 0.03 below what you needed to graduate. So I had to go to summer school and take some courses over and raise my grades to bring my average up. The summer session was compressed down to just 6 weeks. I was fairly sure that I was doing well in the two courses that I was re-taking. It was on a Thursday morning and final exams would be on the next Monday. A guy from down the hall in the dorm came in my room and said: “There is a big concert this weekend down toward New York City. You want to go?” And I said; “No, I better stay here and study.” Away he and some other guys went to music history.

The very next day reports on TV started showing the traffic mess that the concert was causing. It got so bad that State Police wouldn’t let anyone else go near the area. Those guys in my dorm were back by Sunday morning. They said that it rained so much that they couldn’t endure any more. Estimates range from 400,000 to 500,000 people attending this monumental music festival. There aren’t any actual figures because the fence got torn down by people wanting to get in and eventually the promoters just opened it up to anyone that was able to get to the site. Some people who didn’t attend. tell people that they were there. I’m not one of those. Instead, I get to tell tell this story of missing out on the chance to attend.

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  1. Dick, I didn’t attend Woodstock either. I was glad back then that I didn’t, and I’m even more glad now that I had the common sense to stay away from the drugs and music of that culture.

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