WDYTYA – Tomorrow’s Episode

Photo by Angela George

Valerie Bertinelli photo by Angela George

Valerie Bertinelli is searching for her ancestors on the next episode of Who Do You Think You Are? (WDYTYA). She got the part of Barbara Cooper on the series One Day at a Time in 1975 shortly after her start at acting. After that series ended she was on numerous made  for TV movies. Recently she is one of the stars om Hot in Cleveland on TVLand.

The press release for this episode says that Valerie “goes on the hunt to unlock her family’s mysteries. She tracks down courageous ancestors who suffered through hardship and tragedy, and discovers a royal lineage dating back centuries that she never dreamed possible.” There is probably more to her story because during filming, she spent a day at the Lackawanna Historical Society in Scranton, PA. Valerie also spent some time in London, England. We will see if those two locations tie together or are different parts of her family.

WDYTYA airs at 9 p.m. in most TV markets on the TLC channel. Check your local listings. After the episode with Valerie, the episode on Brooke Shields from 2010 will be repeated.