News of the Past – Jan. 10-16, 1909

A meeting was held Sunday night Jan. 10 at National Theater to discuss what should be done about the unemployed men of Rochester. There isn’t any city agency at this time to help men find work. The only agency helping find employment is the YMCA. An employer said that it is a hard task to discharge a man who does good work because there isn’t enough work for him. Another speaker suggested that he would gladly double his own taxes to have men put to work cleaning and repairing the city streets.

On Jan 11th Patrolman George Alt received reprimand for being intoxicated and entering a saloon while on duty. It was also revealed that he had been borrowing money from saloon-keepers on his beat. He plead guilty of all charges and was moved to another precinct and put on night duty from 8PM to 4AM.

On Jan 11th McCurdy & Norwell Co. is advertising Ostrich Plumes from South Africa. An 11 inch plume sells for 98 cents; 18 inch for $4.98; up to a 27 inch plume for $14.98.

On Jan 15th a delegation from Buffalo, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda and Niagara Falls went to Washington and spoke with President Theodore Roosevelt about the pollution of the Great Lakes. Lake Erie was of great concern at the time.

An extra dividend on Kodak stock was voted by the Board of Directors. Two and a half percent on common stock will be paid on Feb. first. The regular annual dividend of 2.5% on common stock and 1.5% on preferred stock be paid on April first.

Edward Abeles will be at the Lyceum Theater Jan. 14-16 in the play “Brewster’s Millions.” It is about a person that will inherit many millions if they give away a large sum of money in a short period of time. Does that plot sound familiar? It should. Mr. Abeles made a movie of the same name in 1914. Another movie by the same name was made in 1921 starring Fatty Arbuckle. A female version (“Miss Brewster’s Millions”) was made in 1926. Then a British version was made in 1935. Another Hollywood version of  “Brewster’s Millions” was made in 1945 starring Dennis O’Keefe. The British made another version of the movie in 1961 but this time with the title, “Three on a Spree.” And then in 1985 Hollywood again made “Brewster’s Millions” starring Richard Pryor.