Onondaga Co. Library Partners with FamilySearch

Onondaga-County-FamilySearch-LogosPress release by  from FamilySearch

The Onondaga County Public Library and FamilySearch.org, a nonprofit premier family history and records preservation organization, announced today a joint initiative to digitally preserve 40,000 historic titles from the Library’s collections and make them freely accessible online to patrons worldwide. Some of the titles are extremely rare—dating back to Colonial America. The digitization effort commenced this week.

Under the agreement, FamilySearch will digitally preserve over 40,000 historic titles from the Onondaga County Public Library’s collections and make them available to the Library’s patrons worldwide for free at FamilySearch.org. The materials will be a tremendous resource for anyone researching local history or genealogical roots from the region. The digitized records will include published family histories, local and county histories, directories, locality records, school yearbooks, Bible records, personal journals published before 1920, and published cemetery records. To learn more about this partnership agreement, click here.


  1. Hi Dick,
    Wow! This is wonderful news! I have found amazing information in books I’ve found in libraries or online. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to explore these books and materials, and I’m grateful to the library for making them available.

    Will they be available on FamilySearch under the “New York State” category using the search link, or is there a special place in FamilySearch for digitized books?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t think FamilySearch has thought about where all these things will be cataloged as of yet. Some of the obits and cemetery records would probably ended up under the NY State category. The books would be separate in the catalog but also cataloged under each family in the book. We definitely need more NY State records.

  2. Hi. Thanks for this information. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by, “The books would be separate in the catalog.” What is the catalog? I’m only familiar with the state categories in FamilySearch.

    • The catalog is what FamilySearch has in their main library and vault. Most people use it to find films to be sent to their local FS library but increasingly they have also digitized old histories and genealogies. Some books everyone can download, while other more recent books have to be downloaded at a FS library. You can get to the catalog 2 ways from the main FamilySearch webpage (https://familysearch.org/). First on the top of the page if you point at “Search” a drop down menu appears with a link to the catalog. Second, if you click “Search” on the big gray bar, then the next page has a link to the catalog on the top.
      There are lots of ways to search; places, surnames keywords, etc.
      It appears that a lot of the old genealogies from the early 1900s are on-line. There are also a few histories of Monroe County on-line also.

  3. Hi. Wow! Thanks for this information. I hadn’t explored the FamilySearch site nearly enough! I’ve just begun to check out the catalog, and I discovered another great feature, the links to the WorldCat site. That lets me know what books might be available through Interlibrary loan.

    This is a great resource. Thank you!

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