Top Songs of 1964; #15

dean-martin-publicityDuring at a time in music that all remember as the British Invasion comes an unlikely number one hit; “Everybody Loves Somebody” by Dean Martin. The song was written by Sam Coslow, Irving Taylor and Ken Lane in 1947. It had been recorded a few times when a recording session in 1964 Lane, who was playing piano, pitched the song to Dean. It was recorded with just a quartette. Later in the year Dean recorded the familiar version with a full orchestra. The song was to become his signature song.

“Everybody Loves Somebody” would only be at the number one spot for just the week of August 9 – 15 on the both the Cash Box record chart and Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Dean Martin was born as Dino Paul Crocetti in 1917. He teamed up with Jerry Lewis in 1946. They started out in nightclubs then went to radio, TV and eventually to films. The act would break up in 1956 and that was same year that Dean had his only other number one hit; “Memories Are Made of This.”

Success of “Everybody Loves Somebody”led to a TV offer for the popular variety series The Dean Martin Show which ran from 1965 to 1974. After that he was in the specials The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. All the time, he also kept a career in movies with sometimes serious parts, sometime comedic and even some westerns.

Dean died in 1995. On his crypt is inscribed “Everybody Loves Somebody” (see Find A Grave record and also a much longer biography on Wikipedia).

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