Old News – Monroe Co. Fair

More news from the past. This one is a story about the upcoming Monroe County Fair that at that time was in Brockport


Thursday, September 3, 1914



Monroe County Fair Some Fast Race Horses in Abundance

ad-1914-09-03The mobilizing of all forces and the enlistment of all hands able to drive a tent stake or decorate a booth made Tuesday and Wednesday at the Fair grounds fairly rival the excitement encountered in the seats of war, and the Monroe County Fair Grounds now is ready, not for battle, but for the royal entertainment of the visitors.

Never in all the history of Brockport fairs have there been so many enteries in all departments as this year. Every building is full to overflowing and although the dining hall has been moved to the extreme right of the entrance, giving more room to the midway and tent exhibits, it has been necessary to utilize every bit of the additional space to accommodate the unusual number of attractions. Concessionists began to arrive on Friday of last week, an unprecedented occurrence and the managers have had their hands full taking care of the small army of people with side shows, razzle dazzle, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, motordrome, etc.

In the live stock department, the cattle sheds and three tents are crowded with the best blooded cattle of the country and some are even hitched to the posts. The horse barns are all full and it has been necessary to find accommodations for from twenty-five to forty horses in the barns around the town. Warren Conkling would be glad to know of persons about town having box stall accommodations that could be used for the racing horses. The sheep barns and a tent are also full. Sunday was a record breaking day in the chicken department, eight carloads arriving that day and twice since. Exhibits in fruit, flowers, vegetables, fancy work, china and all other departments are much larger than usual and many new names are noticed among the entries.

Among the many new features noticeable this year are the school exhibit tents and the large tent devoted entirely to Brockport business houses exhibits. In the school exhibits, the support of this new departments was enthusiastic that the two tents have been necessary to accommodate the specimens sent in. Many fine exhibits have been sent in from district schools as well as from the schools of the town. Parents of the children should not miss such an opportunity of seeing the good work done by the students. The entries in the domestic science department are also of great interest as are those from the Brockport Training School garden.

The grandstand attractions are all on hand and to judge from the practice work being done, they will be different from the usual line and extremely interesting. The wonderful horses will be seen this year, Amos K., the guideless wonder with a record of 2:00½, and elsewhere on the grounds, Col. Fred, the educated horse who will actually entertain with musical instruments. The race entries number 114 and some of the best races ever held in Brockport will be pulled off.

The free for all race now has twelve entries with some of the best horses on any half mile track. Twenty-five dollars is offered for every heat in which the track record is broken.

Saturday will probably be one of the biggest days of the fair as Governor Glynn is to speak from the grandstand at two o’clock. Prayers are being offered up for fine weather, which if answered will insure Brockport one of the most successful of fairs.