Jack the Ripper suspect; Tombstone Tuesday

Francis Tumblety

Francis Tumblety's tombstone

This is the tombstone and an enlargement of the inscription for Francis Tumblety who is buried just about a mile from my home in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Search on the internet and you will find those that say he was Jack the Ripper and those that say he could not possibly be the Ripper. Francis was born in either Ireland or Canada depending on which source you believe. His family settled in Rochester and as a teenager he sold pornography to Erie Canal passengers. The only medical training he had was working in drug shop. He traveled to Missouri, Canada and Washington, DC all where he was arrested for one thing or another. He was in London during the Ripper cases where he was again arrested and left soon after. He died in St. Louis in 1903 with a good sum of money and display cases of human organs. He was shipped back to Rochester to be buried with his parents and a brother.

Best case that he was the Ripper is that he was homosexual, hated women and had basic medical knowledge.

Best case against his being the Ripper is that he had a very large handlebar mustache and no one ever mentioned that the Ripper had a mustache.

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