New Cemetery web page

I have added a new cemetery web page on the GenWeb site. It is for Holy Family Cemetery that was on Maple Street in Rochester. For sure it was moved in spring of 1955. There is conflicting data on when it was started but the best possible data is that it was started as St. Stephen’s Cemetery in the 1840s or 1850s. Then it was purchased by Holy Family Church after they were established in 1864.

Other conflicting data was when they stopped using the cemetery. Sources said 1907 or 1913 but by using the Fulton History website, I found a person buried in the cemetery in 1939.

The web page doesn’t have very many names of those buried in the cemetery. But there are many listed as being buried in the cemetery in the death records of the church.

I worked from a manuscript from one of the men that did the removals from the cemetery.  He had done some archeological digs so throughout the manuscript he compared HF Cem. to Native American burials. He also mentioned some odd things that I didn’t include on the web page. For instance they found one person buried vertically and only wrapped in a coat. He thought that it was murder victim. Also they found empty wallets buried together. Probably from pickpockets.