Holy Sepulchre Cem. online records

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery here in Rochester, NY has put their records online. For years they have had a couple of kiosks in the lobby of the office where you could look up burial records. They were asked for the last few years if they were going to put the records online and the answer was always; no. I’m not sure how many records there are but I suspect that it would be over 100,000 burials.

From their homepage; click on “Locating a Loved One.” Then click on “Search by name.” There you will find a search box. Just start typing. You can search by last or first name. It will give you up to 50 names on the web page. If there are more than 50 records you get a message to “Click here to see all the results for your search” that brings up all matches. Clicking on a name in the results gives the exact burial location, age and burial date. I noticed that some ladies even show up by putting in their maiden names.

You can leave a message for a person buried in HS by signing up for the LifeBook. Then if someone else leaves a message for the same person, the new message is emailed to you.

This is a great addition to the Holy Sepulchre website and will be great use to all.