My Projects

I’m always working on at least a couple of genealogy projects at a time. A few projects are complete or near completion. One project that is finished is that I updated my online data on my Wilklow family. I hadn’t done a major update on that family since 2000 and there was some new data that I wanted to post. It is an obscure family with only about 50 families currently in the US. I can pretty much put everyone with the Wilklow name for the last 200 years on one tree.

I have been using RootMagic as my genealogy program for almost two years. RootsMagic can produce a family website in many different ways. I picked “Descendant Book” which creates one web page for each family. They are similar in form to what others call a Register Report. It only took a couple of minutes for RootsMagic to create about 500 interconnected web pages. I checked the pages and some of the text didn’t read right. So I wanted to correct the pages. Plus I wanted to leave out or edit the data on living people. So I started to edit all of the pages and delete some pages for living people. That only took me 4 months!

I ended up with about 300 pages of the descendants of Frederick Anton Leopold Wilklow, who was born around 1737 in Germany. Fred was listed in the 1790 census but not after that. I haven’t figured out where he came from in Germany but I have a clue in that the German spelling is Wilkenloh and 90% of those in Germany with that name are in a small area.

RootsMagic also created a Surname list, Name list and a Source list. You can check out the web pages and see if there are any names that interest you. Or just see what kind of pages that were created by RootsMagic. The major edits that I did were to move census records to the bottom of each page and put obits and other newspaper notices in boxes.

Besides working on my own family information, I have a couple of other projects that are near completion that will end up on the GenWeb site in the next week or two.