New Web Pages

I added two new web pages to the GenWeb of Monroe County website. For the last couple of months I spent some time down at the Monroe County Courthouse. I was copying records of people that had gone to Court to change their name. I went through the first 16 volumes of Miscellaneous Records (to 1917).  Those books have many kinds of odd records. The first few volumes have many records of Power of Attorneys. Then there are bankruptcy records, church incorporations and some estate records. The earliest record of someone changing their name was in 1871. People didn’t have to give a reason as to why they wanted to change their name but some did. I can’t stress enough that many more people just assumed a new name without bothering to go to Court. These are the people that did legal name changes. I stopped at the end of record volume 16 because that was all that was available in the office. Later volumes are somewhere in storage.

While I was extracting the name changes, I found some marriage records in the Miscellaneous Records. I am not sure why they were recorded in there. I think that some are recorded as proof of marriage for veteran benefits. Especially those recorded as long as 40 years after the marriage. Others just don’t any sense. There is a record of two people from Canada getting married in Rochester. Why put that record in the Monroe County Court records?