Old News – Ontario Beach Park

An invitation for people from the Towns surrounding Rochester to come to Ontario Beach Park o a special day just for them.


Thursday, July 8, 1915

Community Day At Ontario Beach Park

ad-1915-07-08The remarkable progress made by Ontario Beach Park this summer in the way of big features on days and nights has caused the management of that popular amusement resort, situated on Lake Ontario to come forward with another new idea.

Ontario Beach Park this summer has had its New York State Sportsmen’s Association shoot, United Commercial Travelers Day, All Children’s Day, Carnival Masquerades, Country Dances, Big Noise Night and Country Store Night. All of these special events have been attractive to all classes of Amusement lovers in the city, but on Saturday, July 24th Ontario Beach Park will put on what is known as Community Day. On this day people from all surrounding towns are requested to join hands and enter into a spirit of revelry in a manner that will make Community an annual event in the future. To be explicit in the description of Ontario Beach Park’s Community Day, the whole affair will be in the nature of a township picnic.

It will not be necessary to bring lunch as food at all prices may be obtained in the grounds, but a huge picnic pavilion with tables, dishes, gas range, ice boxes, etc. with attendants supplied by the park, is available for the use of those who prefer bringing their lunch baskets.

This is a movement in which every granger in this vicinity should take some part. It is to be a good fellowship gathering of people living within a radius of fifty miles of the Port of Rochester. There is a baseball ground in connection with Ontario Beach Park and the lawn on the picnic grounds will permit of all sorts of games and contests that can be arranged for. This excellent resort is populated by Monk’s Temple Theatre Orchestra, hippodrome vaudeville, shows and rides of every description. The bathing pavilion offers a magnificent beach and a toboggan slide and a country dance will be given on grounds on the night of Community Day, where all lads and lassies can join in the old fashioned dances. The grounds of Ontario Beach Park can take care of 24,000 people and for this reason this particular amusement resort and picnic playground is well adapted for such an event as is planned for Saturday, July 24th.

In another column of this issue will be found a coupon good for free gate admission to Ontario Beach Park on Community Day.