Yearbooks from RPL

The Rochester Public Library has added an on-line collection of old high school yearbooks. Included in this collection are:

  1. An 1891 Yearbook from Rochester Free Academy
  2. Yearbooks from 1904 to 1930 from East High
  3. Yearbooks from 1906 to 1930 from West High
  4. An 1923 Yearbook from Kodak High School


Note that for some years there was a graduating class in January and June for East and West High.

The yearbooks after 1930 can’t be posted on-line because they would still be under copyright. The Library does have a large collection of yearbooks but not a complete run for any school. Nor every school. If you want to see yearbooks newer than 1930 they can be seen in person at the library.  Go to the School Heritage Collection and see if can find anyone you know.

The picture is of Marvel Wickman.  In the Jan. 1921 East High yearbook she says that she is “undecided” about her future. She ended up marrying Ralph Brye in 1924.