New York Ancestors

I thought I had found a new New York State website; but I was wrong.

Many other blogs are covering a press release from the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) that included along with the next issue of the Register was going to be a supplement called American Ancestors Journal. The press release also mentioned that they were adding new sources including “Abstracts of Wills, Administrations and Guardianships in NY State, 1787–1835,” to their website I hadn’t heard of that website so I did some checking. Come to find out, it has been around since May 2008.

As is run by NEHGS you have to be a member to search any of the databases there. If fact it appears that all the links send you the NEHGS website to search the NY State databases. I was interested in the “Abstracts of Wills…” and in searching that I came up with quite a few ancestors. It even includes wills that are in the first will book for Monroe County and many other counties in NY State but they are all before 1835. The records are handwritten extracts of wills by William A. D. Eardeley in the 1920s. also has some NY State cemetery records, a few newspaper records and some compiled genealogy records. If you have early NY families then it worth searching their records.