WDYTYA – maybe closer

I have used the American version of Who Do Think You Are? as a running joke. It was supposed to be on NBC in April 2009, then summer 2009, then fall 2009 and when last heard from it is supposed to start in Jan. 2010. Now there is a clue that it may actually happen in January. On Amazon.com they are taking pre-orders for Who Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History, the companion book to the series. Amazon says that the book is to be released on Dec. 31st. The author is Megan Smolenyak who has been the Chief Family Historian at Ancestry.com since January 2007, and is one of the founders of RootsTelevision.com. She recently made news when she traced some of Michelle Obama’s roots. Megan has published a few genealogy books. Her most recent was Trace Your Roots with DNA: Use Your DNA to Complete Your Family Tree which was published in 2004.

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