Find My Family – ABC

Last Monday on ABC was a preview of a new TV series called “Find My Family.” It is about adoptees being reunited with their birth families. It runs similar to those segments that show up on daytime talk shows. In the preview segment, the natural parents having been looking for 9 years for the daughter that they gave up about 30 years ago. The investigators just looked at every birth record for a given date and found one record that was marked as “amended.” That turned out to be the daughter. It wouldn’t be that easy in New York State because you can just look through birth records in this State.

After doing some digging, I found that ABC only has filmed 6 one hour episodes of “Find My Family.” It is based on a a Dutch show titled “Lost Without a Trace.” That was copied by an Australian series titled “Find My Family.” The hosts for the ABC series are Lisa Joyner and Tim Green.  You can see the preview episode online but ABC makes you download a special browser plug-in to watch online.