Fulton History revisited

My DadMost people who have done genealogy research in this part of New York State eventually end up at the Fulton History website. Tom Tryniski started by putting old newspapers online from his area. Now he has over 11 million pages that cover the area from Buffalo to Watertown to Poughkeepsie. As Tom keeps adding newspapers all the time I found that I go back and search again at least a couple times a year. Just last week I found my father (right) in a newspaper from 1935 that wasn’t on the website just a few months ago.  He is aged 20 and hasn’t met mother yet in 1935.  Yes, the picture isn’t that good but I would not have even known it existed if it wasn’t for the Fulton History website. I also found a lot of articles about my grandmother. She was a teacher for many years. I found that she was teaching grades 1 – 6 at a school in Lamont, NY until 1952 when she moved to another school and started teaching just one grade.

Isn’t it time for you to revisit the Fulton History website and see what you can find that is new?