Advent Calendar – grab bag – snow

It snowed today. It is that time of the year when people talk about how nice it would be to have snow on Christmas. I have a snowy Christmas memory that makes me nervous, even today some 25 years later.

I was staying at my mother’s house for Christmas. On Christmas day, my brother and myself were going just 7 miles to pick up my grandmother and bring her to my mother’s house for Christmas dinner. It was snowing and the wind was blowing the snow hard across the road. About half way to my grandmother’s house the snow was building up so bad on the windshield wipers that we had to stop to be able to see. My brother pulled off the road as best he could. I was the passenger so I got out and knocked all the snow off as fast as I could. I hopped back in and guess what? The car was stuck! So, I got back out to push. As I was nearing the back of the car, a tractor trailer appeared out of the blowing snow and he missed me by no more than two feet. Once I got the car moving again, I was so shaken that I didn’t want to keep going. So we turned around. My grandmother had to have Christmas dinner by herself, that year.