Top Songs of 1965 – #30

A_Taste_of_Honey_-_Herb_Alpert's_Tijuana_BrassThe next song to be a hit in 1965 was “A Taste of Honey” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. The song was originally an instrumental written for the 1960 Broadway version of the 1958 British play A Taste of Honey. A vocal version of the song, first recorded by the actor Billy Dee Williams in 1961. The Beatles released their version in 1963. Barbra Streisand had been performing the song as part of her cabaret act during 1962 and recorded it for her debut album “The Barbra Streisand Album” which was released in 1963.

Her Alpert came from a musical family. His father was a mandolin player and his mother taught violin. For his his first hit song in 1962, “The Lonely Bull” only Herb played on the recording and overdubbed himself. After that song became a hit, Herb formed a group to be able to tour. “A Taste of Honey” was the first song released with the new group. Alpert and the Tijuana Brass won six Grammy Awards. The group was disbanded in 1969. By that time Herb was a noted record producer and also the “A” of A&M Records.

“A Taste of Honey” was the number one song on the Cash Box record chart for the week of Dec. 12 – 18, 1965. It only made it up to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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