Top Songs of 1965 – #31

“Over and Over” was on the top of the record charts for the Dave Clark Five in December 1965. The song was written by Bobby Day (real name Robert James Byrd) and recorded by him in 1958. His version only made it to up to #41 on the Billboard top 100 chart.

The Dave Clark Five had been around since 1958. After The Beatles opened the door to America for British groups, the Dave Clark appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show the two weeks after The Beatles in Feb. 1964. The group had 14 songs in the Top 40 before “Over and Over.” It would end up being the group’s only number one song. The group released the film, Catch Us If You Can in 1965. They would have three more songs that were in the Top 40 before they would disband in 1970.

“Over and Over” was the number song on both the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Cash Box chart for the week of Dec. 19 – 25, 1965.

On the Dave Clark Five website you can play songs by the group off a jukebox. But, watch out! The website opens with song samples that you can’t stop.

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