Happy Howdy Anniversary

Howdy Doody

Howdy Doody & friends

On 27 Dec. 1947 was the first episode of the the legendary kid’s TV show; Howdy Doody. The original title of the show  was Puppet Playhouse. It featured Buffalo Bob Smith, Clarabell the clown and the puppet Howdy Doody. Many other characters were added over the years; some human, some puppet. Always a part of the show was the “Peanut Gallery” of kids that were attending the show. From 1948 to 1956 it was on weekdays and then was moved to Saturday mornings. The final episode of the original series was in September 1960. There was an attempt to bring the show back in the mid 1970s but ratings were not that good and it was canceled after just 6 months.

There is a good collection for sale of 40 Howdy Doody episodes on DVD. (I make a very small commission if you buy from Amazon.) Follow this link to a full episode from 1952 that features many characters in the episode. Make sure you sing along with the theme song!