2010 Census

Census records have proven to be great for doing genealogical research. We are taking another federal census in 2010. You will be getting your form to fill out in the mail in March. The actual census day is April first (no fooling). That is the day when people are supposed to record those people living in the household. The form is rather short this time. You can view a preview of the form online. There will be many people that don’t send the census form back. They will be getting a visit from a census enumerator to get as much detail as possible.

The reason that we take the census is to determine the number of Representatives from each state for the House of Representatives. But the data is also used by the federal government to determine where federal money goes. Statistics from the census can even used to determine such mundane things as where the next MacDonalds will be built. But names and addresses are kept confidential for 72 years. I’ll remind you again when we get closer to Census Day.