Cable TV

My family had cable TV very early. I grew up in Elmira, NY and we only had one TV station in town and another station from Binghamton that you could almost see, sometimes. It was about summer of 1963 when the cable was installed on our street.  We got hooked up as soon as possible. All of a sudden we had 8 or 9 stations. It didn’t matter that in the evening we had 3 stations showing NBC programming. We finally had all three networks! There were many new shows that I had only heard about. About a year later, they even added WPIX from New York City which opened up more possibilities because it was an independent (non-network) station.

It cost about $2.25 per month which was well worth the cost. That was the days before all the local cable companies were bought up by huge corporations. It seems like we get many more channels now but pay a lot more per channel. Plus there are those channels that hardly anyone watches.