I have run GenWeb of Monroe County since 1996. I consider it a service and have never been much concerned if it is popular or not. Over the last couple of weeks Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings has been posting some rankings on the major genealogy sites. He has been using the statistics from Quantcast who does free rankings of the top one million websites. Just for the heck of it, I did a search for and was very much surprised that it even showed up. The statistics on show that this week it is the 259,899th most popular website on the internet. Those rankings change weekly. Supposedly that means that GenWeb of Monroe County is more popular than Roots Television. That is hard for me to believe. Depending on what number you believe is the total number of websites on the planet, then GenWeb of Monroe County ranks in the top 1% of the internet. According to the statistics, GenWeb of Monroe County has 4200 visitors a month. For some unknown reason, 36% of the visitors are under age 17 . Then 81% of visitors have some college education. Those statistics don’t make any sense because there can’t be very many people that are under age 17 and are attending college.  Statistics are interesting but what makes the website is the content. I am still adding more content in the future.