U. of R., Rush Rhees Library annex

While doing a recent research project I ended up at the Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester. I tried to find the book in the stacks but it wasn’t there. I went for assistance to the reference librarian. She figured out that the book wasn’t in the library but was in their new annex. The annex is off campus in Henrietta. I had to make a phone call to make an appointment as the annex doesn’t allow walk-ins. It is in an old warehouse on West Henrietta Road and is stacked floor to a 16 foot ceiling with the overflow of books. It was apparent that they don’t get many visitors. The Rush Rhees Library has been running out of space for years. Creating the annex and placing books that are very old and don’t get much use will help make more space available for the always increasing collection at Rush Rhees.