Used books

There is an article on the Democrat & Chronicle website about Yankee Peddler Bookshops which is celebrating 40 years selling used books. There are two branches; one in Sodus and another in Rochester at Village Gate. There used to be many used book stores in the Rochester area but many have been killed by the internet. Yankee Peddler has embraced the internet and sells many books to internet customers around the world. They use an internet site called Abe Books to sell their selections. Abe Books lets you search by title or author and will let you sort the results by price or Bookseller rating. It is a great website to look for genealogy books although some rare family histories are quite expensive. I have some other interests beside genealogy and I searched for a book on the history of radio programs. The price varied from $3.63 (including shipping) to $89.99. Now that’s a wide price range! So check out the website and see what you can find.