Wilkinson Scrapbook Article – #16

In this article from William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947) he writes about the George Eastman memorial. That is on the west side of Lake Avenue just north of Ridge Road. It is outside the fence around Eastman Business Park (formerly Kodak Park) so you can stop at any time and visit Mr. Eastman.

The Eastman memorial stands at the Lake Avenue entrance to Kodak Park. Erected within the shadow of the immense manufacturing plant built by Mr. Eastman. The monument is reached by three broad flights of steps leading down sloping banks to a large circular plaza paved with Georgian rose marble. In the center of the plaza is a circular pedestal. A bronze urn, containing Mr. Eastman’s ashes, occupies a niche in the pedestal which is surrounded by a cylindrical block of pink Georgia marble, 8 feet high, on which are carved two figures in bas-relief. The figure on the west side is that of a man heating a retort over a flame, representing physical science; the one on the east side (shown above) is that of a woman holding aloft a torch, symbolizing aspiration. The inscription bears the words: “George Eastman 1854 – 1932.” He still lives. If you would seek his monument, look about you.