Fairport, NY newspapers

The Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC) has a new website called Historical Newspapers of the Rochester, New York Region that has as the first part of the project, online newspapers for Fairport, NY. Included are these newspapers:

  1. Fairport Herald (February 1873-March-1889, April 1890-December 1895, 1896-April 1925)
  2. Fairport Herald-Mail (May-December 1925)
  3. Fairport-Perinton Herald-Mail (1980-1992)
  4. Monroe County Mail (1885-1893, 1896-1979)

Some of these same newspapers are currently available on the Fulton History website. That website says that they have Fairport Herald (1873-1925) and the Monroe County Herald-Mail (1885-1992). Both websites can be searched for a keyword. The quality of images on both websites is about the same except that the images load faster on the RRLC site. So which website should you use? The answer is both. Both websites have used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the scanned images into text. OCR software is not perfect in that conversion to text, especially when the images are old and scratched. Searching for some keywords (or names) on both websites sometimes give different results. Sometimes a page will be found on one website and not the other. Again, I suggest searching both websites.

This is the first newspaper project for the Rochester Regional Library Council and it is a welcome addition. Hopefully they will be adding more newspapers in the near future.