1959 East High Yearbook

I uploaded the Orient 1959. That is the yearbook for East High School in Rochester. There were 248 seniors that graduated in 1959. As people from this class would be about aged 77 now, chances are that most of them are still with us. Besides the pictures of the seniors, there are the standard pictures of school activities and sports. This was the last year that East High was in the old building on Alexander Street. In the fall of 1959 the students would start attending the new building on East Main Street.

This yearbook has some writing in it. It was owned by a girl name Linda, whose surname isn’t known.

Rochester Public Library has yearbooks for East High from 1904 to 1940 on their “School Heritage Collection” web page.

One of the graduating seniors in 1959 was now current NY Assemblyman David F. Gantt. His official biography says that he “attended Franklin High School.” Not only is he pictured as a senior but he has a good picture as co-captain of the basketball team.

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