Wilkinson Scrapbook Article #22

In this article from William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947) he gives a poem written by Thomas Thackery Swinborne. I am not sure but it appears that the poem is written on a bronze plaque somewhere near the University of Rochester.

This boulder, the largest one found in the “Laurelton Tract” development came either from the Adirondacks or eastern Canada and had been rounded by abrasion beneath the heavy ice for perhaps 150 miles.


Full many and famous streams
Beneath the sun there be,
But more to us than any seems
Our own dear Genesee,
We love her banks and stately falls,
For to our minds they bring
Our own dear Alma Mater’s halls
where sweetest memories cling.

As flows the river gathering force
Along her steadfast way,
May we along life’s devious course
Grow stronger day by day;
And may our hearts where’er we roam
forever loyal be
to our beloved college home
beside the Genesee.