1960 East High Yearbook

I uploaded the Orient 1960. That is the yearbook for East High School in Rochester. There were 317 seniors that graduated in 1960 with pictures for 307 of them. Besides the pictures of the seniors, there are the standard pictures of school activities and sports. Then there are 9 pictures of homeroom classes like the one to the right.

This was the first year that East High was in their new building on East Main Street. The building must have not been completely finished as the “doodles” throughout the yearbook are drawings of construction workers. Also in the picture of the flag raising, you can see tire prints running across the lawn.

This yearbook has some writing in it. In one case I had to erase some of the writing as it was a little too personal.

Rochester Public Library has yearbooks for East High from 1904 to 1940 on their “School Heritage Collection” web page.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this source. Found mother, who always claimed that the school didn’t produce a yearbook that year because of the Depression.

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