Old News – Accident

In this accident, the car that they refer to is a trolley car. The hospital that the little girl was taken to later became Highland Hospital Genesee Hospital.


Wednesday, May 2, 1917


Catherine Corso, the ten year old daughter of Joseph Corso of Water street, was struck by a westbound limited R. S. & E. car at Main street shortly after 5 o’clock Friday afternoon and narrowly escaped death as a result of the accident.

It is said that the little one was standing opposite the Sugar Bowl as the car approached slowly from the east, and just as it reached the west side of the street the girl ran suddenly in front of it. The motorman in charge applied the brakes instantly but the car struck the child and her body rolled under the fender and was caught by the front wheel just as the car came to a stop.

The little girl was taken from beneath the car and carried to the office of Dr. G. S. Price, where she was given first aid. It was found that she had a fracture of the left leg above the knee and cuts and bruises about the face and head. Later in the evening she was taken to the Homeopathic hospital in Rochester, where it is expected that she will recover, as her injuries are not considered very serious.

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  1. Just to clarify, the Homeopathic Hospital was the former name of The Genesee Hospital. This hospital had its start around 1887 on Monroe Avenue and moved to the Alexander Street location in the 1900s. It was the Homeopathic Hospital at the time of this accident and kept that name until 1927.

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