Old News – Irish Minstrel Show

It is two months passed St. Patrick’s Day but there is going to be an Irish themed show at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Plus the ad reminds you that spring is a great time to but a house.


Friday, May 18, 1917


The tenth annual performance of the Great Irish Minstrels will be given at Cathedral Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings May 21, 23,24, when the glories of Ireland in song and story will touch the heart strings of all lovers of the “Ould Sod.” Several of Rochester’s celebrities will be seen and heard as “end men” and “soloists” and will expect their many friends to be present to give them the “glad hand.” They are Messrs. Roy Miller, Edward Sweeney, Leo Hogan, John J. McManus, Charles Hawken and Ray Golding. The management promises the finest evening’s entertainment on the three nights selected with the following outline of program:

The entertainment will open with a patriotic drill by a Corps of Cathedral Cadets in uniform. This will be followed by a short sketch entitled “Casey—The Piper,” which will bring in the “piper” and the “bag-pipes,” the “Irish jig” and “hornpipe,” the “Irish Colleen,” together with Joe Murphy’s famous tenor solo, “A Handful of Earth,” all grouped around Eddie Moore, the Irish comedian. Between the first and second part selections will be given on the harp by a well known harp soloist. Genuine “turf” will be in evidence on the stage and a piece of it will be passed around the Hall so that the audience may see and touch and handle it for themselves and perhaps “kiss” it.

Popular prices of fifty, thirty-five and twenty-five cents, will prevail as in former years. Tickets are now ready for distribution. Sale opens Saturday, 19th. Phone or write, Cathedral Rectory, 70 Frank St., phones—Bell, Main 2356; Home, Stone 3128, or Gibbons & Stone, 172 Main Street East, phones—Home, 1434; Bell, Main 1204.