Possible update to GEDCOM

There is a new website that is for a project to update the GEDCOM standard. It is BetterGedcom.

GEDCOM is a standard that was set up to transfer data between genealogy programs. The last official update is version 5.5 that was set in 1995. There hasn’t been an update since then but most genealogy programs have been updated many times. In some cases, the genealogy programs have added data fields that aren’t supported by GEDCOM. That means if you try to transfer data then those data fields will be lost You sure don’t want to lose your hard fought for ancestor’s data.

The BetterGedcom project is in the form of a “wiki,” which is a website that anyone can update or add their comments to. There is a lot to read on the website. There have been attempts to update GEDCOM in the past 15 years but they never came up with a full proposal. Hopefully, BetterGedcom will come up with a new GEDCOM that all the genealogy programs will be able to implement.