Top Hit Songs of 1967 – #11

The next song to be at the top of the charts in 1967 was “I Got Rhythm” by The Happenings. The melody was written in 1930 by George Gershwin with lyrics by his brother Ira. The song first appeared in the Broadway play Girl Crazy. The star of that play was Ethel Merman. The song was used in a few movie including two versions of Girl Crazy. The song is a jazz standard and the version by The Happenings just adds a “Dit, dit, dit.”

The Happenings was a short lived group that only had this song and “See You in September (1966) that broke into the top 10 records.

“I Got Rhythm'” was the number one song on Cash Box record chart for the week of May 28 – June 3. On the Billboard Hot 100 record chart the song only managed to get to the #3 spot which it held for three weeks (May 21 – June 10).