Old News – Scouting and Flag Raising

Newspaperman William D. Boyce organized the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 1910. Boyce offered to publish a magazine for BSA but the idea was rejected by the Executive of the Boy Scouts. So in 1915 Boyce organized the Lone Scouts of America (LSA) as a rival organization. Estimates of membership were grossly over exaggerated as in this newspaper story. Estimates that it never had over 100,000 members and many of those were not active members. LSA and BSA merged in 1924.


Wednesday, June 13, 1917

Blue Raven Lone Scouts

The Blue Raven Tribe of Lone Scouts of America has been organized in Fairport. The members are: Captain, Amos Sullivan; lieutenant, Elroy Schutt; secretary, Frank Campbell; treasurer, Lewis Burke; bugler, Charles Butler; color bearer, Donald Bills; Thomas Aldrich, Eugene Maybee.

The meetings are held every Friday evening at 7 o’clock, the meeting place being at 94 East Church street. Any boy who wishes to join can get particulars from the Captain.

The Lone Scout organization was formed by W. D. Boyce, the founder of the Boy Scout movement, in 1915. It is on of the largest boys’ organizations, as it has nearly 200,000 members and has only been organized one year and nine months.

Penfield, June 11 — Another page was written in Penfield’s history yesterday afternoon. During the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner” by nearly 400 voices, Old Glory was sent to the top of an eighty-five foot pole erected on the lawn in front of the Fire hall on the Rochester road, the event being the greatest patriotic demonstration ever held in the village.

As the Stars and Strpes were being raised, the days of 1861 were recalled to the minds of the people, for it was men of the Civil ware period who pulled the rope which raised the national banner, Henry Baker, J. T. Brown, J. Fisbeck and George Redenger taking part.

A number of local firemen in uniform carried the flag to the pole, where the veterans received it. The Penfield band played. Whether or not the weather man was patriotic, he held off the rain just long enough to hold the exercises. As Mr. Shuster was saying his closing words, it started to rain again. C. H. VanOstrand was in charge of the program.