Marshall HS Yearbook

I uploaded the yearbook for the January and June 1935 classes of John Marshall High School in Rochester. It is titled The John Quill which also served as the title of a school magazine. That is probably why it is dated Dec. 1934 on the title page.

This yearbook has pictures for 100 seniors in the January class and 152 seniors in the June class. Also 6 names listed without pictures. Notice that the fashion of the day for the ladies was big collars.

This yearbook only has 4 sports pictures. It does mention that the school had a horse riding club which is unusual for a city school.

As the other issues of The John Quill were all literary text, this issue also included 15 pages of short stories and 3 pages of poems. It is only a total of 72 pages.

Rochester Public Library has two other issues of Marshall’s yearbooks that have been digitized. The yearbooks for 1927 and 1928 don’t as yet appear in their card catalog.