Car crash at old Pittsford Cemetery

A car crashed through the wooden fence at the oldest cemetery in the Town of Pittsford; the Pioneer Burying Ground, and continued to plow through many old tombstones. The driver was said to be suffering a medical condition that caused the accident.

The oldest burial in the cemetery, from 1797, is that of Rebecca, the wife of Josiel Farr. Unfortunately, her tombstone is one of many old tombstones that is no longer readable. It was spared as the oldest burials in the cemetery are in the north end of the cemetery and the crash occurred in the south end near the intersection of of Mendon Road and Stone Road.

The Fire Chief, who responded to the crash is also the town’s Commissioner of Public Works. He says that the town was in the process of fixing up the cemetery. Some tombstones were knocked over, while others were cracked or split in two. The town marked each tombstone that was damaged to ensure they were placed back on the proper graves. The Town says they plan to fix the damaged tombstones.