MyHeritage & Legacy

On Aug 3rd MyHeritage family history website announced that have acquired Legacy Family Tree software. MyHeritage already had a free genealogy program in Family Tree Builder. That software program was used primarily to build a family tree offline and then upload that tree to MyHeritage website. It was a very basic program. Legacy is a much more extensive program for keeping your family data. Currently in version 9, the next version will include the optional capability to sync family trees to MyHeritage’s website. Legacy is one of the top three genealogy software programs. It depends on who you talk to if they are number one or number 3.

Legacy also has a website, Legacy Family Tree Webinars, that offers free live webinars. Those webinars are also free for a week after the live broadcast. After that time you can pay either a monthly or yearly fee to hear any of the 500+ previously recorded webinars. MyHeritage will also be getting that website.

MyHeritage is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and their website is available in over 40 languages. They have a real good collection of European sources. They have been acquiring many new US genealogical resources over the last few years. They currently have over 8 billion genealogy records and over 40 million family trees. In 2016 they launched MyHeritage DNA.

I had MyHeritage for a year and during that year I didn’t find any record that I hadn’t seen on other websites. Other people tell me that they have found MyHeritage very helpful. Each person’s experience will vary greatly, just as some families are easier to find records than others.