Old News – Domestic Problem

In this article Mr. White keeps making more trouble for himself .

The ad proves that Brockport was still a rural Village in 1917.


Thursday, Aug. 16, 1917

Kidnapped His Own Offspring

The domestic difficulties of Mr. and Mrs. George W. White, of 53 Liberty St., recent comers to this village from Rochester, were again the center of much excitement over Me. White’s attempt to kidnap his two children and desert his wife. Several weeks ago the man was arrested on another charge it is said and was only out on parole.

Saturday morning, Mr. White who was employed as department manager in a large Rochester women’s clothing concern, feigned illness and asked Mrs. White to go to the drug store and purchase some medicine. During her absence a taxicab drove up to the house and Mr. White bundled the children into it and by the time Mrs. White returned, they were out of sight Neighbors had witnessed the proceeding and told her of it. She immediately reported to the police and told him of an address in Rochester where he might possibly have taken the children. Rochester authorities investigated and they were all found.

The man was brought back on the charge of abandonment and a hearing took place in Acting Police Justice MacArthur’s office yesterday morning.

At the end of the trial Mr. White resented the authority of Officer Hosner and a lively skirmish took place in which chairs were upset and furniture was knocked about in great shape. Unless the man can find someone to go his bond in securing his wife the payment of seven dollars a week, he was given six months in the Monroe County Penitentiary at hard labor. Handcuffs were placed on his right hand and as he and Officer Hosner reached the center of Main street something displeased the man and he hit at Hosner with his left hand. They went down in a tussle in the middle of the street. Several witnesses rushed to the rescue. When Mr.  Hosner finally too the man to Rochester, White’s hands were securely cuffed in front of him to avoid any further excitement.